Clint Jones — The Metal Life

Clint Jones, a skilled boat and car mechanic by trade and a metal sculptor, fisherman, and boating enthusiast on the side. He can be found on Chebeague Island, working on “island cars”, cars rarely going very far or very fast.

...made his first sculpture sale at the age of 22

At age 13, Jones was given an old WW II oxyacetylene torch by a  family friend and his interest in welding and mechanics grew. After highschool, Jones left for Eastport, where he studied marine mechanics. During his time there he gained skills as a welder and could be found cutting scraps of metal into names or shapes. Often times these scraps were sent back home and welcomed with great praise. He returned to Portland after school and made his first sculpture sale at the age of 22.

While his main source of income was through his career as a car mechanic, he continued to create metal sculptures on the side. Jones learned to draw from his father and spent much of his younger days out on the boat with him. They shared a special connection with the island and we feel you can definitely see that connection in his artwork. Many of his ideas are generated from what he sees while out fishing on his boat.

clint jones lobster fisherman boat sculpture

We love how Jones’ work takes Maine’s beautiful waterfront & nature scenes and turns them into unique pieces of art. Each of his pieces are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. A few of his pieces adorn our walls and you see how they portray the natural beauty of Maine and can transform a wall into a coastal scene.

Jones sees his metal art as time capsules that will last hundreds of years, each piece telling a story.  Jones likes the strength of metal and enjoys working with a medium with such longevity. He feels people have taken notice to the durability of his pieces.

“The object will take a beating outside and you can’t say that about too many objects.”  -Quote from Working Waterfront Archives.

We might not know what Jones is working on next, but we are sure he will forever be known as the Island Mechanic of Chebeague Island.