Introducing the Symphony Platter!

I heaved open two heavy metal doors on an old shipping crate. I remember it being cold but... that might just be that it's almost always cold in Maine. I walked between two iron shelves that ran the whole length of the container. Stacked and packed tightly, with little room to spare, stood a massive piece of my parent's legacy. Every pressed pot for the last thirty years was in this trailer. 

History of Press

I walked through poking and peaking, seeing shapes I remembered and ones I had never seen. I remember at just being awwed. These two crazy nut job parents, they actually did it. They built some special. In a world that is so brutal and unkind to so many good people and good ideas — it is a wonder to see a love story succeed. 

So as I wandered through I came across two pieces, a bowl and a platter. Their design seemed delightful and striking. I had never seen anything like them before and I wanted everyone to see them as well. So FINALLY, after a year of begging —It is with great honor that we proudly present the Symphony Bowl and Platter.

We dedicate these two pieces to Christine and Richard Hilton, and to Donna And Gary Balducci, with whom have built something truly wonderful and allowed for so many special moments that we all share together. 


Thank you once again, for being with us on the crazy journey and we wish you all healthy and happy days. 

With Love, 
Bradford J. Hilton