Why we are ditching paper receipts.

Ditching Paper Reciepts

A quick google search will show an overwhelming amount of evidence that it's time for paper receipts to go. We know a lot of our customers prefer paper receipts so we want to go into why we have made the decision to move on and we hope you will see why it's important for our industry to move forward.

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1. Savings

I won't lie, dropping paper receipts is just a smart business move for us. Receipt printers fail once a week and cause headaches for our guests and our employees. The paper is costly and according to multiple articles, potential a health hazard. Did you know that the thermal paper is plastic? So while saving money is nice, saving people's health and reducing waste and harmful chemicals are even better.

2. It's easier for you

Email and text receipts are easier to keep track of. You are less likely to lose them and to be honest... we don't even need them. To do a return or exchange all it takes is a simple lookup with your email, phone number, or even just your name! This means paper receipts are redundant, and a waste other then the good feeling they might provide.

3. Experience

We want our guest experience to be top-notch and part of that is always looking forward. However, we also recognize that sometimes it's hard for people to let go of how they have been doing things for so long. If you still need a receipt, we will offer to print you out one on recycled/recyclable paper for a $0.10 cent charge.

Thank you for being amazing customers and for pushing us to always be better. We hope to continue to provide you with amazing pottery, art, and crafts from us and a variety of artists who create beautiful work for our enjoyment. Thank you.


Brad Hilton
CEO, Edgecomb Potters



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