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Little Square - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Little Square

This little square dish is perfect for all kinds of sides, dips, and little bites. It's also the ideal sidekick to our Rectangular plate, or our Rectangular Tray — a...
Mini Presentation Bowl - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Mini Presentation Bowl

This little dish is just right for a little something on the delicious side. ~2 x 4.5 inches Made of High Quality & Durable Porcelain Microwave & Dishwasher Safe (use...
Crescent Shell

Crescent Shell

There is a warmth that comes with holding a delightful snack in one of these beautiful shells. Great for any table or any party, these are sure to brighten up...
Little Fish - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Little Fish

A great little dish, they make for perfect spoon and tea rests. Match your mug or compliment with the perfect color.  An excellent pair and accessory to any of our mugs...
Mini Ruffle Bowl - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Mini Ruffle Bowl

A great small dish for condiments,  dips, snacks, and treats. Couples elegantly with our larger platters and bowls, this little ruffle dish has style and pop, just the thing to...