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Rectangular Tray - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Rectangular Tray

This beloved rectangular tray is a true kitchen champion that has stood the test of time, with its versatile design and durable build. It's the go-to for serving anything from...
Hearts for Gosia - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Hearts for Gosia

This heart-shaped dish is more than just a simple vessel - it's a tribute to the love and support of those who matter most in our lives. Whether you use...
Pasta Dish - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Pasta Dish

This fluted design is right at home for casual everyday dinners or for more formal dining.  ~1.5 x 7.5 inches Made of High Quality & Durable Porcelain Microwave & Dishwasher...
Classic Mug

Classic Mug

Start your day off right with our practical and durable Classic mug. Perfect for serving your favorite hot beverages, this white porcelain mug is stylish and sturdy, ensuring that it...
World Bowl, Large

World Bowl, Large

A universal shape, this bowl is great for serving up just about anything. ~3 x 8.5 x 9 inches Made of High Quality & Durable Porcelain Microwave & Dishwasher Safe...
Mini Presentation Bowl - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Mini Presentation Bowl

Add a touch of charm to your table with our darling Mini Presentation Bowl. Perfectly sized for serving up small portions of your favorite desserts, snacks, and condiments, this little...
Tile, 4"x4" Coaster - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Tile, 4"x4" Coaster

There’s beauty in utility. Expertly crafted of porcelain, these coasters bring a contemporary and sophisticated touch to your serving essentials. 4" x 4" Made of High Quality & Durable Porcelain...
Deep Dish Pie Plate

Deep Dish Pie Plate

Indulge in the sweet aroma of freshly baked pies with our Deep Dish Pie Plate. Perfectly sized for feeding a hungry crowd, this porcelain pie dish is an essential addition...
Little Dipper - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Little Dipper

With its built-in handle, this Little Dipper makes a great bowl for your food or your furry little friends. ~2 x 5 x 7 inches Made of High Quality &...
Wildflower Vase - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Wildflower Vase

Introduce a pop of color and bring the beauty of wildflowers into your home with our new Wildflower Vase. This charming little vase is the perfect size to hold your...
Appetizer Set - Bowl & Plate

Appetizer Set - Bowl & Plate

Unique to Edgecomb Potters, our high-quality porcelain Appetizer Set is sophisticated enough for entertaining yet sturdy enough for everyday dining. The versatile plate and cup provide impeccable service for everything...
Mussel Shell Platter - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

Mussel Shell Platter

Bring the beauty of Maine to your table with this gorgeous mussel shell platter. Its unique shape and design are a nod to the sunny days and salty air of...
Soap Dispenser, ~12 oz

Soap Dispenser, ~12 oz

Light up your bathroom — these beautiful soap pumps are the perfect accessory and are kid-tested. (May not survive tantrums.) ~3.5 x 8 inches Made of High Quality & Durable...
Candlesticks Short, pair

Candlesticks Short, pair

Bring a charming touch to your table setting with our elegant small candlesticks. Perfect for your decorated dining table, side table, or front entry console. These small candlesticks add just...