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clint jones

One-of-a-kind | Hand-made | Stainless Steel | Made in Maine

Clint Jones is known as the Island Mechanic on Chebeague Island as well as a Metal Art Enthusiast. He takes Maine's beautiful waterfront & nature scenes and turns them into unique pieces of art.

You can find some of his metal art on the walls of Edgecomb Potters. We love how his pieces portray the natural beauty of Maine and transform our walls into mini coastal scenes.

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Clint is very multitalented! Trained as a marine mechanic and welder, he is also a skilled auto mechanic, fishing and boating enthusiast, and metal sculptor. 

Native to Maine, he grew up on the water. From an early age, he tinkered with torches and wrenches. He also learned to draw, an interest passed down from his father and grandfather. 

His metal sculptures often depict wildlife and objects or scenes familiar to Maine, such as lobster, fish, deer, and boating. He starts with a drawing, and transfers the pattern to metal.

He likes the strength and longevity of metal and works in stainless steel, so his sculptures will tell a lasting story about the way life was.

island mechanic

Medium Lobster

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Arctic Turn W fish

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Small lobster

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Small bass

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Small Humpback Whale

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Small Humpback W/ Baby

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Small Sea Turtle

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27" Ram Island Light

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Small Octopus

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Large Octopus

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Pogy Fish

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Sail Fish

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