Richard Hilton founder of Edgecomb Potters glazing a plate in the edgecomb maine studio

Our results after so many years of failed kilns

Edgecomb Potters Glazes

As unique as our designs and shapes, our glazes are the result of years and years of testing, tweaking, failing, and trying again.

You won’t find these combinations of colors and shapes anywhere else. Our passions for both customer satisfaction and producing great pottery make shopping at Edgecomb Potters truly a one-of-a-kind experience. 

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Current Glazes In Production

Crystalline Glazes

While at peak temperature (between 2340 and 2400 degrees F), a chemical reaction takes place between the zinc oxide and the silica forming seed crystals from which the crystals will eventually mature.

In nature, crystals form and grow as molten rock cools. So to trigger the crystals to grow, our pottery is allowed to begin to cool.

24 Hour Fire

To grow crystals like these, each glaze goes through a custom firing recipe, from the high temperatures required to the amount of time needed for cooling. Over thousands of firings, we have mastered the timing to ensure the best in quality and color.

Every kiln is unique, and every piece is different. This is one of the great pleasures in what we do.

Archived Glazes

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