Our results after so many years of failed kilns

Edgecomb Potters Glazes

As unique as our designs and shapes, our glazes are the result of years and years of testing, tweaking, failing, and trying again.

You won’t find these combinations of colors and shapes anywhere else. Our passions for both customer satisfaction and producing great pottery make shopping at Edgecomb Potters truly a one-of-a kind experience. 

Glaze Catalog

Crystalline Glazes

While at peak temperature (between 2340 and 2400 degrees F), a chemical reaction takes place between the zinc oxide and the silica forming seed crystals from which the crystals will eventually mature.

In nature, crystals form and grow as molten rock cools. So to trigger the crystals to grow, our pottery is allowed to begin to cool.

24 Hour Fire

To grow crystals like these, each glaze goes through a custom firing recipe, from the high temperatures required to the amount of time needed for cooling. Over thousands of firings, we have mastered the timing to ensure the best in quality and color.

Every kiln is unique, and every piece is different. This is one of the great pleasures in what we do.

Bahama Blue

The splash into a carribean blue is a feeling you can never forget. This blue is inspired by those memories.

Standing on a sandy beach,
with toes sinking deep,
look out at the oceans blue,
a perfect setting for two.

bahama blue glaze porcelain pottery made in maine america

Winter Storm

There was a lot of contemplative time during the great ice storm of 2001, as ice crystals and snow covered trees and homes.

Birch trees came tumbling down before our eyes as the bare-bones essentials became luxuries. Families were cold and gathered together in the warmest places, watching the cold beauty break through.

That awe inspired the winter storm glaze. 

winter storm pottery collection made in america


Inspired by the vibrant and glittering blues, greens, and polished turquoise that line our shores, Seaglass captures the true essence of coastal Maine. While the palette is deceptively simple, it is, by far, our most challenging glaze to produce.

Discover what has taken our artisans and master potters over four decades to perfect.

Honey Green

After a harsh Maine winter, comes the mud, but along with the mud comes the green of life. Catch it in the right light, and you’ll see a golden honey that glistens.

winter storm pottery collection made in america

Tide Pool

The ocean floods the bay to cover rocks and beaches, and when it recedes, pools of treasures mix with seaweed, barnacles, and vibrant stones that all refract and reflect a warm orange sun.  


Gaze out over the ocean on a windy day and watch the tips of waves spray and fight the wind as it whips across the sea — the beauty of two giants clashing and a reminder of simple elegance.

winter storm pottery collection made in america



Inspired by masters of pottery, the name references the Kyoto Forest in Japan. Such unique and beautiful colors — this glaze was selected as a gift for for the President of Taiwan. 

winter storm pottery collection made in america

Red with Metal

The most difficult glaze we create, Our Red glazes have generations of history. The first glaze that helped define Richard as a Master of Chemistry and Glazing.

The difficulty with red is it can become pink and purple due to conditions we have no control of, like the weather, the humidity and then there's the kiln.

In order to produce brilliant reds, you have to have a seasoned kiln. Richard built our current Red Kiln 15 years ago, and with patience, it has created thousands of spectacular pieces, all of which now add the growing history and legacy of Edgecomb Potters. 

Mother of Pearl

One of our most elegant and pristine glazes, Mother of Pearl. Limited available in quantity and styles.  

winter storm pottery collection made in america


Retired from production

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