We've sent 18 mugs so far!

The list:

Friend"She’s a better daughter, sister, friend, service provider, because of all the difficult changes she’s made... All while being there for everyone else."

Brother"He has been extraordinary through all of this. I am so proud of the man he is."

Mom"This is for my Mom. She is in declining health and we can't be together because of Covid. We've always enjoyed sharing a cuppa over a visit. It would be so cool to have matching mugs to share a cuppa over a phone visit. "

FriendAs a nurse anesthetist, he is on the front lines right now. A beautiful mug would be just what he needs

SisterMy sister is the most giving and caring person you will know. She’s always giving her time and makes sure everyone is happy and taken care of always. She never does anything for herself.
She’s had her fair share of mishaps this year, and I think it would be great to finally do something nice for her. 

DadIt's my dad's 78th birthday on November 5th. I truly wish I could hug him.

Daughter"She moved to Maine five years ago, and I miss them all so much."

Proud"My friend has had learning difficulties her whole life yet proudly struggles to live by herself. She lives very frugally. This would brighten her world daily."

Mother-in-law"I want to gift a mug to my sweetest mother in law in VT! My husband and I lived with his parents for a few months during COVID, and she always made time together so cozy and special. She is always making batches of tea (her passion)"

Source of comfort"He is my son. That is reason enough to, but through his 44 years, he has never given his parents a moment of worry. He is a good, caring human being who tries to find the good in everyone. He is a source of comfort in situations."

Caretaker"Would love to recognize Deb as a mother, wife, caregiver, friend...all-around wonderful human who spends her time taking care of others, and I want to show her that she is just as worthy of self-care!

More coming soon...