Thank you for helping us.

With your help, we've raised $4,000 dollars for suicide awareness & prevention. 

We are humbled, honored and hopeful.🫶 

How you did it

1% for shopping

We raised over $1,300 with your help in spreading the word about Edgecomb and our pottery.


Through your eagerness and vocalness we were able to spread the word and raise a whopping $1700 in raffle ticket sales! AMAZING! (stay tuned for the winner announcement)


Our special founder inspired prints raised an additional $55 dollars.  

Why this is important

 Like so many of you, suicide has touched and affected our lives. We need to recognize that we have a mental health crisis in our country and we need to support those in need. Did you know that 1/4 of Mainers are affected by a mental health condition?

Part of bringing awareness to mental health and preventing suicide is to talk about our own battles with mental health and reduce the stigma around it. For us - helping 1 person, 1 family - is worth the effort.

September is Suicide Awareness & Prevention Month and we are donating 1% of all pottery sales to the local NAMI chapter, an incredible organization helping to build better lives for those affected by mental illness. We hit our goal  to raise $1,000 dollars, and with the Hilton Family match, we are proud to donate $4,000 this month. 

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